Hello Team, I have started using airbyte since las...
# troubleshooting
Hello Team, I have started using airbyte since last week and I have found it very useful to send data from different data source to my data warehouse. Currently I'm facing a problem wondering anyone here can help me. Source : MySQL (5.7) Destination: Redshift Problem: 1. When my datetime data type values in mysql are sent to redshift, they are being converted to datetime strings with random (or it seems) time zones in redshift. Sometimes it is subtracting five and half hours from mysql datetime and sometimes its not. Mysql table name Mysql datetime -----> Redshift datetime orders '2021-01-10 120000' ----> '2021-01-10T120000:00Z' deposits '2021-01-10 120000' ----> '2021-01-10T063000:00Z' Ask: 1. Understand why this is happening 2. How to prevent this from happening
Hey looks to me like it's not transferring the time part? Can you confirm if all values are with 120000 ?
It is not only happening with '120000'. Mysql table name                          Mysql datetime      ----->             Redshift datetime                   orders                                  '2021-01-10 172133'  ----> '2021-01-10T172133Z'                  deposits                                '2021-01-10 172120'  ----> '2021-01-10T115120Z' Both the tables are present in the same MySql server as well
Got it. Can you create an issue here on this so that team can track it?
Thanks, will do that. But can you please tell me what the expected behaviour og datetime in redshift when sending data through airbyte? Is it the same as that in mysql source or does it always get converted to UTC ?
Ideally we should just me moving the data exactly similar to source