# feedback-and-requests

Keshav Agarwal

01/07/2022, 3:14 PM
Pagination when setting up the connection. Having too many tables slows down the website a lot I think having some more would have crashed my browser. A bug : After searching for a table in the same Set up connection page - pressing backspace is not loading all the tables.
Hi @Keshav Agarwal, thank you for the feedback! We are quite aware of the first problem you're mentioning. Here is several related issues you can subscribe to get updates: •
For the bug, could you please record a small screen video so that me understand how we can reproduce this?
1. I have 1000+ tables 2. I search for something on the new connection page, then I select unselect a few tables 3. Then I delete what I searched for in the search bar - The behavior I expected was showing all the tables when I had cleared the search bar, but all tables were not showing, only some of the tables. i don't think a video would be possible, but the scroll bar length might explain what I am trying to say.