# feedback-and-requests

Andrew Groh

01/07/2022, 4:39 PM
We are a SAS company. Our customers need to integrate data from a variety of ad platforms with our system (generally ones that airbyte currently supports so that is good). From our perspective, essentially we want the customer to create the source, and we then automatically create the connection and the destination so that it can flow into our system. Our customers have no idea about our internal data structure (nor should they) so they cannot create the destination (we use S3 for storing customer data. We want to own this process as much as possible so that we can monitor this data ingestion and fix issues when they arrive. Our solution was to write a wrapper on top of airbyte. The customer enters their connection information (possibly an oath flow), and then the wrapper sets up destination and connection in airbyte. Our customers never realize that they are interacting with airbyte. Just thought folks might be interested in our use case.
Great @Andrew Groh other users built a front-end layer using the Airbyte API.

Blake Enyart

01/18/2022, 5:17 PM
Hey @Andrew Groh - I’ve been hacking away at a similar abstraction, the idea for us is also that our customers wouldn’t know that they’re interacting with Airbyte. However I’m still very early stages so I’m curious about these other uses @[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx. Do you know of any examples? 🙂