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Mané Rom

09/15/2021, 2:08 PM
Once we had stored data at our own postgres-db using pg as destination, how can we take advantage of tables and __airbyte__ab_id_ field in order to get _airbyte__data information? Our next step is to have available this data at the client as a data table, but I'm hesitant on how I must to solve some obstacles. How could we relate created-tables at postgres to created-connections? Thank You

[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx

09/15/2021, 3:02 PM
You need to enable Basic Normalization to extract the data inside

Mané Rom

09/15/2021, 3:20 PM
Hi @[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx thanks for your answer. Maybe I'm not explaining properly what we want to achieve. Our purpose is to bridge every source to our postgres-db. Here we have done it with a Google Sheets source. CONNECTION-ITEM SCREENSHOT
In this case, once the connection is synced, two tables has been created at our postgres-db, containing fields about created-at, primary-id and the data-itself
When user clicks on connection-item, it appears the connection-detail view. In here, our desire is to have listed the different tables that compounds the connection, two tables as was said previously, so my question is about how could I relate created-tables to connections. I don't know if my only chance is to try to create an event trigger on table create if it's possible..
Taking control on these events I would be able to also delete related postgres items from here when user deletes a connection.
I tried to split connections using namespace props but didn't set the rows then
I'll try to take advantage setting an arbitrary -prefix property on destination, and storing these on another db. Another thing to try is to edit code by myself, and add some kind of FK at record insert query...
@abhi On this thread you'll can see about what I was asking you detailed more