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09/15/2021, 5:48 PM
Hi all.. Looking to get some info here as we are exploring using Airbyte to be part of our data framework, and trying to see if it can solve multiple problems.. Would Airbyte support a use case where a list of integrations are provided, embedded in a product, and users are allowed to configure their credentials and trigger an execution of said integrations published integrations? For example.. I have an HR cloud product, our customers need to integrate their systems to ours and vice versa. We'd create an area in our product called integrations, where our users could select a logo for whatever app they want to connect with us, they would provide their auth credentials, and then provide the execution schedule for the integration

[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx

09/16/2021, 2:39 AM
You can build the logic on top of Airbyte API. You have your application where you store your data info and them send relevant requests to Airbyte: create source connector, run a sync job, etc.
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