Hey, all. Thanks for the help in advance! Just joi...
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Hey, all. Thanks for the help in advance! Just joined a team that is using airbyte to replicate postgres data to snowflake. We are running into an issue with a BIGINT field in postgres that is being replicated as a FLOAT in snowflake. It’s an 18 digit number, and since it’s being replicated as a FLOAT, it is impossible to do precise math or reliably convert to an int in snowflake. (see https://community.snowflake.com/s/article/To-Float-or-Not-to-Float-Choosing-Correct-Numeric-Data-Type-in-Snowflake). Do I have any options to explicitly map this as INT?
You can export the dbt model generated edit it and use a custom transformation, this way you can choose the data type you want in Snowflake. See docs: https://docs.airbyte.io/operator-guides/transformation-and-normalization
Thank you!