Hey everyone, Im trying to use supabase with types...
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Hey everyone, Im trying to use supabase with typescript and I noticed that the
method doesn't support joined tables. Could someone help me out? I'll include details in the thread
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Here is some sample code with the issue:
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const shape = getShape<definitions["posts"] & { unsplash_category_snapshots: definitions["profiles"]}>()({
  "*": true,
  users: {"_": "profile_id", "*": true}

await supabaseClient
  .from<typeof shape>("posts")
  .eq("profiles.email", "asdf@gmail.com")
The typescript errors on the
line saying that
is not a valid option
I think the
might need to be updated to use the template strings feature in typescript, but I'm not sure. Does anyone have any workarounds other than
// @ts-ignore
Not great with typescript, and your .select is a function, but to use a foreign table in a filter you need https://supabase.com/docs/reference/javascript/select#filtering-with-inner-joins. Also, as it is hard for me to read your code, is user a table versus users and is it a public schema table and not the auth.users table?
Oops that was a typo, it shouldve been
(these arent my table names, I just changed them to make it easier to understand)
Crap, i forgot that supabase has a
schema, let me rename it to
so it makes more sense 🙂
And to clarify, the code above works perfectly, its just the types fail. In the
it expects the first parameter to be a column of the
table, I couldnt figure out a way to have it accept
which is valid postgrest but fails ts
Alright here is a "temp" solution
.from<typeof shape & {"profiles.email": string}>("posts")
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