Hey everyone! It was great having so people at yes...
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Hey everyone! It was great having so people at yesterdays workshop! partywizard Check out what's new this week: whybot whylogs v1.1.42 has been released! See full release notes on Github. šŸ“… Upcoming R2AI & WhyLabs Events: ā€¢ June 14: Intro to AI Observability: Monitoring ML Models & Data in Production ā€¢ June 21: Monitoring Large Language Models in Production using OpenAI & WhyLabs ā€¢ June 22: Solving LLM Data Hurdles: Strategies for Success - Yujian Tang, Zilliz šŸ“ŗ In case you missed it, watch the recording of our previous event(s) on YouTube: ā€¢

MLOps and DataOps - Stephen Bailey, Data Engineer at Whatnotā–¾


Intro to ML Monitoring: Data Drift, Quality, Bias and Explainabilityā–¾

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