03/10/2018, 2:06 PM
@Tim I also wrote to Ashley Kinkead from the Private Label Mastery Course on our private coaching/client channel and told her that I’m ready to pick my first product — that I’d like to claim the “small garden flag” idea in the freebies section if no one else has claimed it. I also said that I think I’d like to turn that experience into a Sports category one with a focus on “Naval Academy garden flags” and “Naval Academy house flags.”
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@Tim Ashley wrote back and said that she already has three students working on the small garden flags and that it is getting saturated. She said I could do it, but would need to make a creative bundle to distinguish myself. She also said the Gardening category is a very good niche like tool sets, garden beds, etc. 😊 I’d like to try to still pursue the garden/sport category of the Naval Academy garden flag still later on as a follow-up product perhaps. I told her that I’d like not to bundle for my first test product and that I’d keep looking.