Adding some error handling - are triggers the best...
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Adding some error handling - are triggers the best way to handle error codes?
I was recently introduced to the following: • ‘Monitor Action’ under ‘Status’ • ‘Log Error on Status’ for HTTP Request actions Definitely opened up my world a bit vs strictly relying on Triggers, but unsure how much that helps. Still very new to Tines.
Yep - looks like we need to update our documentation, but you can monitor to a webhook or an email address if an action fails:
Thanks for flagging @few-beach-25723!
Thanks, Tyler. I was in the middle of adding a trigger to check for http error codes from an api query.
The MSGraph API has been unreliable and I wanted to receive some kind of notification when it fails.
You can also use the retry on status flag if something is failing or getting rate limited intermittently