Abhash [TSOW admin]

05/25/2023, 11:28 AM
AI tools tailor-made for you by Springworks At Springworks, we have created multiple tools to help simplify lives of HR and People Ops professionals 🙌🏽 1️⃣ Meet Lupin AI - a custom Leave Policy generator that uses the power of ChatGPT. Pretty simple to use with a 4-step process. Try it out: 2️⃣ With Snape AI, say goodbye to the hassle of copying job descriptions from the internet. Snape generates unique, custom job descriptions in seconds. No more settling for subpar descriptions that are shorter than a tweet: 3️⃣ HEDWiG AI recruiters can craft effective and custom emails to potential candidates. Say goodbye to generic templates and hello to efficient and effective recruitment communication with HEDWiG. 4️⃣ It is hard for recruiters to understand if a candidate is fit for a role from just doing a cursory scan of their resume. Accio AI helps generate instant summary of a resume to help recruiters and hiring managers be more productive and fair (to candidates). 5️⃣ Also, the KING of them all is the ChatGPT app for Slack - Albus 🧙‍♂️🏼:magic_wand: 📝 Upload your org’s docs & Albus will be your smart assistant for all HR queries 🧵Summarize threads instantly ✍️🏽 Get writing suggestions + more from your AI teammate Try it out for Slack: