07/27/2020, 7:55 PM
August work weekend overview See the wooden archway in

this picture

? We like to call it “The Childrens’ Gallows” because that’s what it kinda looked like…. The wood rotted out and it fell down, so we’re going to make a new one, except ours will be bigger and stronger and more appropriate for wedding photos (since the site is often used by people for weddings). Here’s the Pinterest idea board.
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07/27/2020, 11:01 PM
I’m playing around with Sketchup and Renee’s heptagon idea…
Each heptagon is fourteen 4' 2x4s, so we might have enough from the bridge scraps to make two.
alternate configuration:
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geometry calcs with 4' edges:


07/28/2020, 5:20 AM
This is good! I'm interested in going 3d so it's easier to build up lighting, solar, shade, flowers, etc around it. Concrete posts though are basically a bunch of work so doing less of them is def good!