Hello I encountered a bug during deploy of sst app...
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Hello I encountered a bug during deploy of sst app. I received on my stacks
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stack contains no resources.
https://console.seed.run/parque/rt-starter/activity/stages/dev/builds/24 After a retry deploy on Seed it works. It isn’t the first time it happened, but forcing a re-execution of pipeline it solves.
Hey @gio, let me get the team to take a look.
thank you @Frank it’s not high priority, just to let you know it
before this deploy I deleted the previous infrastructure from cloudformation, maybe could be for this reason
I see.. yeah we managed to reproduce the issue on our end. It seems the CDKToolkit stack was removed manually from your AWS account (or maybe u switched to a different AWS account).
Either way, we are putting in a fix for this.
Hey @gio we just rolled out a fix. Let me know if you run into this again.
Thank you Frank! I deleted from CloudFormation because I didn’t want delete the sst app (I didn’t want to loose that configuration). Maybe could be useful to offer a feature to delete only aws resources? Now is possible to delete aws resource only if you delete sst app.
Oh yeah that makes sense. I will put that down on our roadmap.