I've started to get build timeouts in Seed. The la...
# seed
I've started to get build timeouts in Seed. The last two lines in the log are:
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Serverless: Invoke aws:package:finalize
Serverless: Invoke aws:common:moveArtifactsToPackage
Not sure how to debug what's going on, any clues?
It's something to do with the following upgrades to packages in our app
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"epsagon": "1.111.0",
"epsagon": "1.111.1",

"file-type": "16.4.0",
"file-type": "16.5.0",


"@types/sharp": "0.28.2",
"@types/sharp": "0.28.3",

"@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin": "4.25.0",
"@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin": "4.26.0",

"@typescript-eslint/parser": "4.25.0",
"@typescript-eslint/parser": "4.26.0",

"aws-sdk": "2.916.0",
"aws-sdk": "2.918.0",

"babel-jest": "27.0.1",
"babel-jest": "27.0.2",

"jest": "27.0.1",
"jest": "27.0.3",

"serverless-offline-aws-eventbridge": "1.5.2",
"serverless-offline-aws-eventbridge": "1.6.0",

"serverless-s3-local": "0.6.15",
"serverless-s3-local": "0.6.17",

"ts-jest": "27.0.1",
"ts-jest": "27.0.2",
I'll try to isolate but if anything screams "timeout alert" that I'm missing, please shout. This is a serverless framework application, not SST (yet)
Hey @Ross Coundon, can you DM me a link to the build?
So, after going through a crude binary chop of the upgraded packages, I've worked out that the one that's causing the problem is
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"serverless-offline-aws-eventbridge": "1.6.0"
Not really sure why, the package authors don't provide release notes or a changelog but reverting to 1.5.2 made the problem go away
Raised an issue with the plugin author here
The author has asked if it's possible to run the build with --verbose option turned on. Is there a way to set this for a serverless deploy?
Seed runs
sls deploy
with -v flag. The error was happening on
sls package
, Let me check with the team if we can turn on -v for the command as well.
I see, thank you