I feel like I’m being really thick… I read this (<...
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I feel like I’m being really thick… I read this (https://seed.run/docs/build-machine-types) and was like great: let’s beef everything up… But I can’t see the option anywhere?
In the console: Click on your app, Settings then Service Settings (over on the right)
Hi @Matt Vagni are you deploying an SST app or SLS app?
We're deploying an SST app (I work with Matt).
Hey @Akos, SST uses a fleet of build servers that are highly optimized for deploying SST apps (hence it doesn’t cost any build minutes to deploy SST apps on Seed)
All build servers for SST are currently running on STANDARD machine size. We are going to make other machines sizes available soon!
I will keep you posted on it!
@Frank that would be great - we’d love to speed things up where possible since we run integration tests on each PR and they can only start once the deploy wrapped up 👍
I am having this issue now and unfortunately for me it does not have to do with the speed but with memory 😞, my UI builds are being killed 😅
@Frank any way to bump the memory of the builds ?
Ok fixed this by just reducing the
I had it set to 4gb 🙂