Is it possible to tear down a Seed application sta...
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Is it possible to tear down a Seed application stage's resources but leave the definition of the stage? The only way I can think to do it is to create a new stage and specify to copy over the settings from an existing stage, then delete the stage?
What if you manually delete the resources from within the cloudformation dashboard?
I did wonder what would happen if I did that and tried to then redeploy
ah but you also want to redeploy to the same stage?
Basically we're about to run a PoC with a customer but they've delayed it a few weeks. I want to tear down the resources to stop incurring cost and redeploy in a few weeks' time
Yeah, it’s probably easiest to remove the stacks from CFN console directly.
Just watch out for 2 things: • remove them in the order that respect the stack output dependency • after a stack is removed, keep an eye on the
tab and see if there are any retained resources (ie. Tables, Buckets, etc)
ok, i'll give that a go