:wave: I have a makefile to build my golang code w...
# seed
👋 I have a makefile to build my golang code when deploying. When promoting to different stages, is there a way to reuse the build artifact instead of building them again? Looks like this is handled already.
Hey @Shine Li, when u promote, the Lambda packages are actually rebuilt. The main reason we do this is b/c certain Serverless Framework plugins can alter the code based on the
that’s passed in.
I’m glad you pointed this out, this is an optimization we have in mind for SST projects.
A workaround for now would be to upload the Lambda packages to S3 when you deploy to ie.
, and when you promote to ie.
, you can download them from S3.
Let me know if you want to pursue this approach, I can share some code samples on this.
yeah. some sample code would be good.
including them in doc maybe even better