Hey guys, is anybody PULLING a front-end app on a ...
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Hey guys, is anybody PULLING a front-end app on a SEED stage and deploy it with SST? I have some FE + SST backend… but my FE code lives in another repo. I was thinking to do a
git clone
from the
step, based on recommendation from @Frank I think. Any ideas or examples?
Hey @Adrián Mouly, you probably need to setup an SSH Key for your organization. And then you will be able to check out private repos using the SSH git url format. You can read more about it here - https://seed.run/docs/adding-an-organization-ssh-key
Yeah got it to there also, thank you.
I have to add the Private to SEED and Public to Bitbucket?
Thanks, going to try.
Got the GIT integration working 🙂.
Now, not sure if I have to put the full path on the clone…
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- git clone -b sandbox <mailto:git@bitbucket.org|git@bitbucket.org>:myrepo.git /tmp/seed/source/frontend/
Not sure if should put
I mean, for the destination.
Yeah, the working directory for the command is the root of the repo, so
should have the same behavior.
would be outside of the repo directory.
Yeah worked, thanks.
@Frank this model worked very well, thank you for the ideas.
I have my FE getting deployed, even hosted on other repo.
NOW…. having this setup, means the FE is going to be deployed all the time? for each change?
I did a change on an API, then SST/SEED detected the change, and deployed those… but I didn’t modify the FE, and apparently is deploying it anyway.
Well now that I’m thinking… maybe I changed an SSM var….
@Adrián Mouly, sorry man, missed this yesterday
how many services do u have, and in which service r u deploying the frontend?