Currently we use `pytest` for unit testing, can we...
# seed
Currently we use
for unit testing, can we use that in seed unit testing ? also can we make it conditional on the branch ? ie run them on
only ? As otherwise we will consume too many ci minutes. Also is it possible for the testing add our own docker image ? as we use some external python libraries, and installing them everytime will be time consuming ? or there is some caching mechanism we can leverage ?
But I use serverless framework ,does it work ?
I would recommend abandoning serverless framework. CDK will solve your problems
I bought into the serverless framework hype back in 2018 before it was exposed as being about as useless as Flutter.
CDK gives you full customisability of everything including your python docker build and branch deployment pipelines
@Sourav Sarkar you can either: 1. enable unit tests for your app; or 2. add a buildspec to run tests manually before deploying
Let me know if that makes sense.