How can we switch our production stage to a differ...
# seed
How can we switch our production stage to a different name? I'd like to remove the
stage and add
stage, but I see the following error message:
You cannot delete the production stage of an app.
Anyway I can overwrite this? We're not in production yet so there's no concern for data loss.
You can set it as staging stage first, then make the change and move it back. I did see a problem with env vars disappearing after a rename previously but that may have been fixed
Thanks, let me give that a try!
Yep, moving it to staging allowed me to delete it, thanks!
I wanted to create a new stage anyway as our AWS account configuration is different so we need new credentials and envvars.
@Frank this does not seem to work now. I created a stage in prod by mistake and now cant get rid of it. I understand trying to prevent accidental delete but just get us to type “yes I really do want to delete a production stage” etc! to confirm delete.
Hey @Jack Fraser, can you give it a try after the build is complete?
@Frank will all these need to go blue ticks before i can delete?!