I'm guessing pr deploys really just arent all that...
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I'm guessing pr deploys really just arent all that good because of how slow aws is huh? Takes an hour to deploy 😐
That's a really long time - can you tell what parts of it are slow?
Theres a lot of cases where it just takes a few minutes to start the next resource creation like this:
That stack specifically has only 26 resources but took 27 minutes to deploy. It is quite simply 4 api routes and thats it.
(The getResources just adds the env & permissions for the requested resources)
I don't know what AWS is doing because setting up all of the databases/buckets/event-buses and creating all of the functions that handle our event system takes less time than it does to create 4 routes. 😐
@Garret Harp can u share the full CloudFormation events output? I’m curious to see what’s taking long between
Yeah sure here it is @Frank
Looks like the service role took 27 minutes to create for the lambda post route for some reason