We’re using yarn/webpack across our monorepo curre...
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We’re using yarn/webpack across our monorepo currently, but have a new service that has dependencies that don’t seem to play well with webpack. Manually deploying after building with npm works fine Is it possible to set up that specific service in SEED such that it uses npm instead of yarn for this specific service?
@John Leal
Hey @Jacob Hayes, if you exclude this service from the workspace packages, does that work?
We’ll try that and let you know
@Frank We removed it from the workspaces and this was the result. Suggestions?
@Jacob Hayes @John Leal we just rolled out an update to Seed to allow u to override the compile command using the
hook https://seed.run/docs/adding-a-build-spec.html#seedyml
You can try something like this:
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  - if [ $SEED_SERVICE_NAME = "foo" ]; then npm install; fi
  - if [ $SEED_SERVICE_NAME != "foo" ]; then yarn install; fi
Let me konw if that works for you