Hello <@U01JVDKASAC>, we are using seed with a pol...
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Hello @Frank, we are using seed with a polyrepo setup, so we ended up having multiple apps configured in seed. Right now seed has a list view of all apps which shows the name of the app and the last deployment time. What is missing is the status of the last deployment (Failed or succeeded) and if there are any new issues with the app. Right now it's quite cumbersome to monitor all the apps - we need to navigate "into" the app and then see the status of the builds and issues. Are there any plans to make seed more "polyrepo friendly" e.g by providing a richer dashboard for the apps list view?
We’d really appreciate that functionality too (and env var import/export 😉)
Yeah that makes sense when you have multiple apps.. Added that to our roadmap.
Btw, is it fair to say you are only interested in the Production stage’s last deployment status?
Good point, need to think about this. Currently we do all the testing (unit, integration, service tests) during or after the Staging stage, deployment to Prod is done approved manually. So in this scenario the status of the Staging build would be of greater value to us.