> :loudspeaker: Update In v0.33.0, we added the...
# general
📢 Update
In v0.33.0, we added the 
construct. It extends the
with out of the box configuration for React SPAs. More importantly, you can now 👉 reference your resources in your React app 👈. For example, you can configure a React environment variable
and set it to the Api endpoint url
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new ReactStaticSite(this, "ReactSite", {
  path: "path/to/react-app",
  environment: {
    REACT_APP_API_URL: api.url
And refer to it in your React code like this
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// App.js
Read more about using React environment variables here - https://docs.serverless-stack.com/constructs/ReactStaticSite
Curious what's specific to React in this?
Create React App has a concept of environment variables (https://create-react-app.dev/docs/adding-custom-environment-variables/). So this construct lets you set those based on your stack outputs.
I’m also a little confused, could you not set the environment variables with the original StaticSite construct and have CRA pick up on them?
Ah, I don’t see an environment prop on the StaticSite construct
I use Snowpack which has a similar concept, prefix env vars with SNOWPACK_ENV
But that's not react specific or anything
Yeah and the docs do make it seem like SST is limiting what environment variables can be provided
Environment variables must start with 
Yeah it’s not really React specific per se but more just the convention. We’ll likely extend support like this to all the common static site frameworks that have a concept like this.
Good to know you just added this for CRA at least. We were just about to deploy our CRA 🙂. Thanks! We’re really liking SST so far.
And yeah you could configure the StaticSite construct to do this. This just makes it a bit more intuitive to setup. https://github.com/serverless-stack/serverless-stack/blob/master/packages/resources/src/ReactStaticSite.ts
That’s awesome to hear!