What is the "feeling" people have when they hit sa...
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What is the "feeling" people have when they hit save and there's a rebuild. Do you feel like you're waiting for it to rebuild or is it instant?
I've been working with my first python SST app (a simple REST API) and I don't see any output after I save like I do with a Typescript app. First time I wondered if it was working, but now I know what to expect. Every time I make a change and hit the endpoint, it just works, so no feeling of waiting at all
ah python doesn't have a build step so that makes sense
I weirdly feel i’m waiting… even though I know it’s instant 😔
That's an awkward one to answer... Most of the time and on various versions of SST, it feels instantaneous (unless there's a redeploy to be done of course and you need to hit Enter). With the current version and our stack combination, we sometimes have to make a request 3 times after a change to get it run completely through (it seems to get stuck), which makes it feel longer!
We're using TypeScript so there is a compilation step which takes a few seconds but that's to be expected. After we see Done Rebuilding Code, it's instantaneous
Its really fast for what we are building, and considering our current version of our API takes about 30+ minutes to deploy a change in AWS Beanstalk, it feels like warp speed comparatively :)
My gut reaction is that it’s quick but not quick enough that I don’t tab over to the terminal to double check before I start clicking around in my UI
^ this is my feeling too
ok this is helpful and I think we have a path to getting it feeling totally interactive
btw @Phil Astle we think we have a fix for your retry issue and we're going to get it out over the next week
That's great news @thdxr - thanks for the update!
Hey @thdxr, did that update get pushed? I've been keeping an eye out and bumped all of our stuff to 0.52.0 (just finished as you released 0.53.0 of course!) but it still seems to be ropey...
Not yet, I'm driving down to Miami this week but will be back up and running after the weekend. All your fixes will be going out next week
Miami... Nice - enjoy your trip! Fixes next week would be great - thanks 🙂