<@U01MV4U2EV9> seeing the same issues - the defaul...
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@thdxr seeing the same issues - the default path for
won't load,
{"message":"Internal Server Error"}
hm perhaps your issue is different
do any of your other functions work? (if you have them)
@thdxr they do
ok well I was gonna setup an apolloapi to try out something unrelated so let me see if it's potentially related to that. Are you seeing your function being invoked?
Let me check - I'm not seeing any traffic on
so if the Lambda is being invoked it isn't hitting
. One sec
@thdxr yup, I see invocations but looks like it is timing out:
Is the response printing in your console?
Nothing ever hits my localhost
Hmm, something is strange
Mind if I DM you?
@thdxr these functions differ only by the following: The first one was deployed with
and the second one was deployed without. What stands out to you?
Yeah the new stub is implemented in go
Yeah sure feel free to dm
Oh that was all I had to point out 😄
I didn't realize the new stub was implemented in Go (Didn't get into the implementation).
Anyway, let me know what happens when you setup your ApolloApi. This is more of a nice to have for me so it isn't urgent. I would like to reap the benefits of that fast, fast UDP for local development though.
@thdxr I don't think the issue is with SST nor with ApolloApi and UDP. I think the issue may be network related. I'll do some testing and will confirm with you. Sorry for The Hunt for Red Herring 😄