Is a Github OIDC construct something that could be...
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Is a Github OIDC construct something that could be useful for deploying sst?
Hey @Jono Allen, do you mean creating an IAM OIDC identity provider using GitHub? Can you elaborate on the flow you have in mind?
I have an OIDC construct for GitHub and LinkedIn with Cognito
We're swapping all our access key pairs to GitHub OIDC. Strongly recommended, even if just from a security and maintenance point of view
AWS SSO + Pipeline OIDC basically means no access keys which is 🥳
i was assuming we’re talking about cognito
oop, my bad, I was thinking we were talking about since OP was talking about deployment
btw, if you use Bitbucket Pipelines, you can also use OIDC (this was developed almost 1 year ago and it’s one of my favorite features) It’s very recommended since you don’t have to worry about exposing or rotating your keys PS: I worked on this feature 😅