looking forward to reading more about the RDS cons...
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looking forward to reading more about the RDS construct
Yup we should have more about it soon!
It's really neat to have the migrations custom resource. Other commands I tend to need are
Would it somehow be possible to capture the Arn of the deployed lambda for the custom resource and then wrap a cli around it.
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sst db:migrate:status
Something similar to what the env cli does? This was basically my life on heroku with rails, db:status, db:migrate, db:rollback Shout out to anyone who likes RoR šŸ¤£
I was a Rails dev for many years! Such thoughtful tooling in the Ruby/RoR community. I find myself thinking about
when working with the Script construct to achieve the same thing. Dang, I miss working with Ruby šŸ™‚
Can you provide more detais about migrate? What is about?
Is that db migrations? We use typeorm.
Yes, database migrations. Rails is an opinionated web app framework, it provides a lot of common functionality out of the box, including common database operations. There are several built-in commands to help evolve the database schema over time, seed the database, etc. It looks like TypeORM offers very similar functionality around migrations.
@Simon Reilly yeah it will be there in the SST Console. You will be able to view and run a specific or all migrations, with live debug. It might not make it to the v1, but itā€™s definitely coming.
@Seth Geoghegan @AdriƔn Mouly The construct creates a RDS Serverless v1 cluster with data api enabled. The migrations are run using Kysely via data api.