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This works but I suspect my migrations failed as I only got 1 out of 3 tables when I run
show tables
in the RDS query editor. Looking in Cloudwatch I’m not seeing any logs form the migration lambda, however the handler is outputting this:
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  "StatusCode": 200,
  "ExecutedVersion": "$LATEST",
  "Payload": "{\"error\":{\"message\":\"Cannot add foreign key constraint; Error code: 1215; SQLState: HY000\",\"code\":\"BadRequestException\",\"time\":\"2022-03-14T08:03:46.685Z\",\"requestId\":\"ab418d2f-b294-4ff2-aed0-4744aeb19c98\",\"statusCode\":400,\"retryable\":false,\"retryDelay\":85.80576311954343},\"results\":[{\"migrationName\":\"000001_create_tables\",\"direction\":\"Up\",\"status\":\"Error\"}]}"
Still have that inconsistent status code. I can troubleshoot from here as it just seems that my table order might be the thing that’s breaking it but it might be worth raising that the handler is reporting a 200 status when an error occurs.