Hi, What is the best way if i need to move a param...
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Hi, What is the best way if i need to move a parameter from a stack to another stack? I got an error after doing that. Because of a parameter conflict. I was able to deploy that after deleting my stacks. But i need to know is there a way without deleting the stacks.
hey what do you mean by parameter?
ssm StringParameter
You don’t need to pass a ssm parameter among stack, you can just fetching it from the destination stack like this: StringParameter.valueFromLookup(this, ‘PARAM_NAME’); Cross stack is needed when you create a resource from a stack and you want use that value in another stack
@gio I was not passing it among stacks. I just totally moved it from one stack to another. That's where i got the issue. Because the old deployed stack already had the parameter.
just deploy the old stack first