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# general
I’ve been using that library as well - it seems like the most mature of all currently - but I still feel like the typescript support could definitely be better, so good on you for contributing!
haha thanks! I didn't finish though - I started trying out electrodb which is extremely typescript oriented
it's pretty amazing
ive been using sst and one table aswel! Currently stuck on how to do pagination…
Whats the idea behind using one-table concept?
Doesnt make things more complicated?
do you mean this library or the general concept of single table design?
The What, Why, and When of Single-Table Design with DynamoDB (
Basically, Single table design is probably the way forward unless you are using GraphQL or you have a pattern that necessitates a Scan.
(I assumed the latter to Dax’s question)
@Derek Kershner what do you mean when you say “pattern that necessitates scan”? You can always declare a sparse index on single table
I’m not sure I can pick out every situation, but it seems like it would mostly be for things that are write heavy and rarely scanned. Basically, when the cost of the GSI would outweigh the cost of scanning, and you dont have any querying concerns, it would be more efficient to spin up a second table. There are also partitioning performance reasons, like when that GSI would cause a single partition to form and you need more than that many reads or writes per second.