Congrats guys! This community is the best thing th...
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Congrats guys! This community is the best thing that happened to me, no kidding, I’ve learned a lot from different discussions with really smart people from here.
Oh wow that's really nice to hear Adrian. I feel the same way as well. Some of the folks here are really really good at what they do and I'm glad they take the time to share and help out.
Adrian I feel the same way. I have a SaaS with a customer. Basically because people here just answer all my dumb questions.
Haha yeah, this community goes way beyond just SST, we had good discussions around engineering/architecture/systems design.
Actually, this workspace is the first place where I ask questions… about everything… just because I know there are really smart people facing similar problems.
Totally Agree. I also read 100% of the questions and answers. Because like… super smart people saying things
Yeah and also, something that happens to me, is sometimes I ask questions inside my own company, and people is not on the same page, or not facing the same problems, then they can’t help… Having an open community, working with the same stack or technologies… almost sure you can find somebody with the same problem/solution.
@Adrián Mouly I feel seen
I just love the community and the SST team. The thing that stands out for me is just how helpful everyone in here is. I agree with @Jay @Adrián Mouly @Devin there are some really really smart people in here who's discussions I truly value. Thanks for everyone in the SST community
This is actually my definition of a successful community, that it's the first place you go to get unblocked regardless of topic
+1 I've been lurking for the past month here and I'm loving the discussions so far, I'd like to be more active with frequent live-chats if possible (I think discord voice channels might be ideal for this?)