The main thing I see is observability. Nicer to lo...
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The main thing I see is observability. Nicer to look at performance stats broken down by function
Yeah, heavily depends on the toolings u use. If u use xray to trace requests, it’s easier to glance through the trace if u had 1 lambda per request
I always try to do both when I can’t make a call. In this case I actually have some of my Lambdas handling a bunch of requests. And eventually the one that suits my setup more would surface when I actually get annoyed by cold starts or feel like wasting time parsing thru the traces.
Are you using cloudwatch @thdxr or piping them logs over to something like datadog? We use datadog (though haven't gotten it working yet in SST, WIP).
Yeah I guess I can be progressive about it and extract stuff as it makes sense instead of defaulting everything to independent lambdas
@Dennis Dang just using cloudwatch right now but figuring out my setup
might try going through datadog since I've done that in the past but seeing if I can stay within AWS