Hi there, In the Automating deployments part, chap...
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Hi there, In the Automating deployments part, chapter: Creating a CI/CD pipeline for React . I have created branch, deployed it for preview. All works fine so I merged the branch to deploy it to production. My question is what happens with the app that was deployed from the branch. I would expect it will vanish when the branch is merged to master but can see it is still accessible. Will it vanish after some time? Or I should code/configure something in addition here? Thanks for your answer 🙂
You are using Netlify for the frontend right?
I think b/c frontend is really just static files, they might keep it around.
@Jay do you know if Netlify remove them after a while?
Yeah I don't think so, they leave all the versions around. There might be a way to configure it to remove it, but I'm not sure.
yeah I am using Netlify. Thanks guys.