Hey Frank, as a temporary workaround, is it possib...
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Hey Frank, as a temporary workaround, is it possible to use a different bundler besides esbuild for local dev? Or at least during the live reload rebuild. I'm still running into this weird bug, https://serverless-stack.slack.com/archives/C01JG3B20RY/p1621909026062100
nvm, there has to be a better way. hmmm
Impact so far: 1. actual build files are fine and can execute strangely enough. 2. but for local dev, the artifact import fails to execute.
All good! We didn't solve the actual problem, but we're moving away from enums.
Hey @Dennis Dang, sorry for the late reply. You can’t right now, but supporting other bundlers is on the roadmap https://github.com/serverless-stack/serverless-stack/discussions/219
Were you getting a lint error and
sst start
not able to start up?
morning. it wasn't a lint or build time error. it was a runtime error. we attempted to import enums from node_modules. instead of that getting compiled away completely, there were still import references node_module. e.g.
var import_EditLineItemInput = __toModule(require("@canopyinc/api-docs/types/ts/EditLineItemInput.type"));
i updated our type generator to emit string literals now instead of enums. it's a win win, but that bug still exists somehow.