Hi :wave: , I’m in the process of moving to a new ...
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Hi 👋 , I’m in the process of moving to a new laptop. I’m running into an error related to the CDK toolkit bucket. Initially it complains that is inaccessible, however, I do have access to that bucket (it works from the AWS console or while using cli with the same credentials/token). Region configuration is fine as well. I can deploy with no issues from my old laptop. CDK is bootstrapped to the correct account.
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[0%] start: Publishing 56390565ccdc759b266225bf9130ac51078bc677d20185a4d279888b294a2688:xxx-us-east-1
[50%] success: Published 56390565ccdc759b266225bf9130ac51078bc677d20185a4d279888b294a2688:xxx-us-east-1
[50%] start: Publishing 3035421a19ebfd74d42640670926ecc263446e6891f9bcb59cc9b6fe93d961d7:xxx-us-east-1

[100%] fail: Inaccessible host: `<http://cdk-hnb659fds-assets-xxx-us-east-1.s3.amazonaws.com|cdk-hnb659fds-assets-xxx-us-east-1.s3.amazonaws.com>'. This service may not be available in the `us-east-1' region.
After the first run, this is the error I get when retrying:
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[0%] start: Publishing c3a93133082f6ad1e61e99d22b86c5a4b6293e977bb569f297395cafa327b509:xxx-us-east-1
[33%] success: Published c3a93133082f6ad1e61e99d22b86c5a4b6293e977bb569f297395cafa327b509:xxx-us-east-1
[33%] start: Publishing 67b7823b74bc135986aa72f889d6a8da058d0c4a20cbc2dfc6f78995fdd2fc24:xxx-us-east-1
[66%] success: Published 67b7823b74bc135986aa72f889d6a8da058d0c4a20cbc2dfc6f78995fdd2fc24:xxx-us-east-1
[66%] start: Publishing d887caad65f1d4216fbfd254545dee7bb6d8a71ea2efe1834675512e73b8acb6:xxx-us-east-1
[100%] fail: socket hang up
Any ideas? Has anybody seen that one before?
hmm.. I’ve seen the Inaccessible host issue when I had bad internet connection
hmm i see. I don't think is the case for this. The
fail: socket hang up
also always happens after successfully publishing 2 files first, which is weird.
Oh right. Does the new laptop has a different firewall setting or something?
Sorry, I’m just throwing whatever I can think of on top of my head..
I don't think so, the firewall option is Off
No worries, I'm just leaving the msg here in case someone has seen it. I'll try to figure it out
@Frank it was indeed a firewall thing. The one in the settings was off but there was an antivirus running in the background! Thanks for the helpful clue! 🙂
Oh nice! 👍