Question for Yarn users (or possibly about StaticS...
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Question for Yarn users (or possibly about StaticSite dependencies) –  • in this project: • if I remove all of the React files in
(including package.json) • and update StaticSite construct to use a single, simple HTML file • and then do a fresh install with Yarn (no yarn.lock, .yarn dir, .yarnrc.yml file present) • I see a ton of React / Next modules are still installed There are no other references to React (e.g. none in root level package.json). Where might Yarn be getting the instructions to install all of the React / Next pieces? Is the StaticSite construct automatically requiring some of these irrespective of its configuration? The StaticSite construct (inside
in this repo) was updated to -
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const site = new sst.StaticSite(this, "Site", {
      path: "frontend",
      replaceValues: [
          files: "**/*.html",
          search: "%%SERVICE_1_ENDPOINT%%",
          replace: props.api1.url,
          files: "**/*.html",
          search: "%%SERVICE_2_ENDPOINT%%",
          replace: props.api2.url,
Just double checking.. did you remove the
at the repo root before running yarn install?
Yep, I did, later. Initially I followed the standard yarn install and ran into some issues building/deploying on Seed. I then replaced the React frontend with a simple, single html page in
and had Seed still tripping up on some called React resources. I then cleared out modules and all yarn resources (including lock), trying to get back to an initial install state w/o React elements present (having deleted all other file in
). This builds and deploys ok now on Seed, but I still see a lot of React / Next resources being installed as modules locally after the yarn install.
I still see a lot of React / Next resources being installed as modules locally after the yarn install
By locally do you mean on ur local or on Seed?
If it’s on Seed, feel free to send me a link to the build, I will take a peak.
Sorry @Frank, missed your reply earlier. I’m seeing these React/Next resources installed locally and concerned there may be some unnecessary, implicit installs happening that would slow builds and deploys down. I don’t see where to check what modules are being installed in the Seed builds/deploys so not sure if it’s happening there, or an issue worth worrying about. Will DM you specific link.