So, I’ve got a bit of a weird one and it’s probabl...
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So, I’ve got a bit of a weird one and it’s probably more CDK related, but I’ve decided to split out my Cognito User Pool (and client) code in to it’s own stack to make some planned work more manageable. In this stack I’m create a config object for my API in another stack. I’ve tried it a couple of different ways and I’m getting a circular reference detected when CDK tries to synth. My set up: • index file creates cognito stack • cognito stack takes the app in constructor (like all stacks do) • cognito stack set up the user pool/client • cognito stack builds a config using some of its resources values • index passes the expose config to my api stack The cognito stack doesn’t reference anything from outside of itself and only uses the
var to pass to the sst.Stack
. Anyone else come across anything like this before?
I figured this out - it was because I was exporting a
from the stack - changed it around to just export the ARN and was all good.
Ah glad u figured it out!