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# help
Hey everyone 🙂 Started using SST recently and have run across an issue a few times where I start the cli locally but requests still go to the deployed lambda rather than my local. There are no errors in the terminal & everything seems to be working as normal. Stopping and starting locally doesn't help here unfortunately. Anyone else had similar issues before?
Is it possible it's deployed into a different region?
Good thought. I would say it's extremely unlikely - AWS credentials on the local machine are for an IAM user restricted to the ap-southeast-2 region. One thing that may have happened is that
sst deploy
was run in a CI/CD pipeline while
sst start
was running locally. As I mentioned, I've tried stopping and starting locally since then but I wonder if that might have cause some issue?
hm very strange. Running sst start definitely deploys your code. Can you try wiping
folder and trying again?
Nice catch @thdxr that’s very likely to be the cause. Gotta fix it!
@thdxr @Frank I've got it working for the moment by removing the stack and re-starting (pretty fresh project so no harm done 🙂 ), but if I come across it again I'll give it a try. Thanks so much for your help! Really appreciate it.