Hello. Before SST, we used to have a yaml file to ...
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Hello. Before SST, we used to have a yaml file to set up the resources. I am trying to find where these permissions are being stored for SST so I can update them to include batcWriteItem permissions for my table. I checked the cloud formation templates that are created for the table, api, auth, debug stack, and frontend, but am not seeing anything similar to this. Thanks
This is how our permissions work: https://docs.serverless-stack.com/util/Permissions
If you use it this way it should show up in the template
@thdxr is there more detailed examples or documentation on how to apply this. The docs are a little generic and lack needed details on what is available, and where things need to be placed
eh, I found a way to do what I need using TransactWrite. Forgot I used this before
@mathewgries if you could give some examples on what could be improved for that doc, I’ll create a Github issue with it.
Hey @Jay, it might be hard for me to say. I am at best a novice developer. To me it seems the examples are a little vague, and maybe there could be a dictionary for classes listing all available methods/functions/properties available on each, and expected format on each. Maybe something is there and I am just not seeing it?