[Opinions Wanted]: We’ve setup an automated transc...
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[Opinions Wanted]: We’ve setup an automated transcoder for video. Often our editor’s workflow is to take 30ish videos (each approx ~500MB -> 1GB) and upload the mp4's to an S3 bucket (using an FTP client) this process is drag and drop and the leave alone. As the files end up in S3, MediaConvert Jobs are auto kicked off. Question: How is in-browser upload, restart etc features these days…. I generally feel like doing it in FTP for this part is more reliable than for us add a “video uploader” to our admin interface. Thoughts? Opinions?
There's a few resumable upload protocols for http
It may not be great if you need robust pause/resume, but our team recently tested both the S3 SDK upload from the browser and a third-party tool called MASV (they have a JS web uploader) and both worked quite well with minimal effort. I agree with you that a tool purpose-built for file uploads is likely going to be better at that, but we had a lot of contextual information about the videos from our custom CMS we wanted to provide along with the uploads.
we have a video upload feature on our platform, and people can upload videos via the AWS SDK with no problems. unless their Internet connection sucks 😄
I’m using transloadit with tus and uppy for my uploads, they’re huge ~ 300 to 700 GB per media file and this works fine for us. We are evaluating S3 file gateway with on-prem storage to make everything accessible via s3 and automate the local workflow as well.