Hey all, quick question - with serverless what do ...
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Hey all, quick question - with serverless what do you guys recommend for collecting emails and doing email campaigns? I liked the look of sendy but that would need to be hosted somewhere
AWS Pinpoint is an option
yeah i looked into that but its just a confusion as to its purpose lol
most resources i saw showed people using it to send sms's
Sure thing. As with all AWS services, with great power comes great complexity. Other companies offer more focused products that are easier.
We are currently using Mailchimp, but are potentially moving to Sendgrid (Twilio), mostly because they support both Campaigns and Transactional emails and we are already using Twilio for SMS notifications.
thanks all. I think later on i would probably look at sendy.co I like the fact its integrated into AWS and is dead cheap but i dont like the fact you have to host it somewhere. its kind of anti serverless. It would be cool if you could run sendy.co on AWS somehow though. If thats possible i would probably look to do that
that sendwithses looks pretty good too