Hey all, am currently trying to create a users tab...
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Hey all, am currently trying to create a users table in my database to store various extra details about users in the app, the main problem I want to solve is that when a user signs up I would like to create an entry in the table for them with a few basic account details which can later be added to as they go through signup etc. So far I have been trying to use a
trigger on my cognito user pool, the problem I have been running into here is that i only seem to get the
cognito user sub
as part of the payload there, and not the
identity pool id
which is what i've been using for userId so far elsewhere. I am curious if anyone has been able to achieve a similar setup and if so am I going down the wrong path here? Ideally I don't want to check if a user record exists every time I try to get that data
I've faced this problems as well. I wrote a blog post about it so I could share the lessons learned when someone else came across the same problem. Hope it helps: https://sethgeoghegan.com/bridging-the-cognito-identity-gap
+1 @Seth Geoghegan
@Noah D a new User Pool user doesn’t have an Identity Pool id until u make the federation call. So at
step, the identity pool id might not exist yet.
Wow awesome article @Seth Geoghegan thanks for sharing! And yea i suspected that might be the case @Frank 🤦‍♂️. I'll let you know how I go with this 🙌
I spent so many hours messing with that. I knew if I didn't write it down, I'd forget the pain and try it again someday 😆