I followed <this> repo and was able to setup an Ap...
# help
I followed this repo and was able to setup an Apollo GraphQL API. Now I want to use RDS postgrace with it, Is there any example repo for it? All existing examples uses REST
Hey @Shadab, we are working on a repo with this exact setup. RDS Postgresql + GraphQL + React frontend
It also comes with builtin GraphQL codegen
It is working, but we are going to tweak a couple of things.
We are looking to officially launch this next week.
Hey, thanks, @Frank this is really helpful, Will deep dive into it,
Hi @Frank I will suggest including a file
in the repo, so it will be very helpful what kind of environment variables are expected.
Hi @Frank any specific reason why you went with the
for graphql server and not famous Apollo server?
Yeah the Apollo server was quite heavy and adds to the Lambda function’s code start time.
@thdxr any other reason we picked