any suggestions on where to check for `AWS_PROFILE...
# help
any suggestions on where to check for
being set in env variables when app is local? our team occasionally runs it which of course doesn't work . I added it to the top of main, but the debug stack get started prior to the check I added
You can check in the
callback in ur index. For example:
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export function debugApp(app) {
  // Do your check here maybe?

  new DebugStack(app, "debug-stack");
Here r more details on this
I guess u can also check outside of the main function.
What’s ur use case?
We have a few devs on running sst within their own orgs, (we also have services on our root org), so we get questions like "why is debug erroring out", and 99% of the time the env is not set
so just wanted to have the check to alleviate a bit of consternation