afternoon everyone - has anyone ran into a “Rate e...
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afternoon everyone - has anyone ran into a “Rate exceeded” error message from
sst deploy
? We have quite a few stacks and functions - we saw this issue but that seems to be talking about when creating a lot of functions, I’m seeing the error when all stacks have deployed, and it is printing the outputs like so:
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$ sst deploy
Stack devlocal-services-Stack15
  Status: deployed

Stack devlocal-services-Stack16
  Status: no changes
    TheFunctionArn: arn:aws:lambda:eu-west-2:acc_no:function:devlocal-services-Fn

Rate exceeded
Just circling back on this @Andrew Blaney, are you still having this issue?
Thanks for getting back to me @Jay I’ve been on leave, but back today so will report back 🙂
Hi @Jay I am still seeing this happening - It seems to happen occasionally once all stacks are deployed, and at the end of listing out all stack outputs
I see. Let me pull @Frank in for this one.
@Andrew Blaney are you certain all stacks are deployed when it happens? or is there maybe one still in progress
hi @thdxr will double check this!