Hello all. Just upgraded to 1.0. All went well and...
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Hello all. Just upgraded to 1.0. All went well and is working but I have a type warning
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Index signature for type 'string' is missing in type '{}'.
on the environment line in the following statement (this refers to the stack)
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      environment: config,
      bundle: {
        externalModules: ['pg-hstore'],
        nodeModules: ['mysql2']
      timeout: 20,
and config is declared as
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let config = {}
and has key/value pairs added to it before the setDefaultFunctionProps call. Any idea what I can do to get rid of that error ?
you're not using TS right?
No indeed I'm not
you can probably ignore this error - we are running ts checking on JS code for the 1.0 migration since it's tricky + easy to mess things up
@thdxr is it possible to loosen up the type checking rules in this case?
I looked this one up and I didn't see a setting for it