Hi Everyone, I am creating a new project with SST....
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Hi Everyone, I am creating a new project with SST. My project also requires integration with Elasticache. Is there a way to implement it with SST? Thanks cc: @Frank @Jay
Hey @lgupta, SST doesn’t have a high level construct for ElasticCache at the moment.
But you can create it using CDK directly. Here’s an example https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58371310/aws-cdk-for-elasticache-redis-cluster
Btw are you familiar with CDK? (The reason I’m asking is it helps us prioritize adding support for ElasticCache)
Thanks Frank. I am not familiar with CDK. I have just started exploring it.
Hi @Frank, can I use the private subnets and security groups that were created with the stack or do I need to create new ones for Redis. Thanks
Yeah, you can reuse existing VPC/subnets.
If you are already deploying ur Lambda functions into a VPC, u can reuse that.