Morning! Is it possible to pass a Cognito user wh...
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Morning! Is it possible to pass a Cognito user when I run
sst start
, so it will use this user when executing my queries in the console. Like when using
you can set a specific user in an env variable. Also, I have a infra stack that create my Cognito userPool, roles, etc. How can I pass it to my APIs when creating them? I've tried something like this. but so far got no success 😕
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const api = new sst.Api(this, 'Api', {
      cors: {
        allowOrigins: ['*'],
        allowHeaders: ['*'],
        allowCredentials: false,
      authorizers: {
        cognitoAuth: {
          type: 'user_pool',
          userPool: {
            clientIds: [userPool.clientId],
      defaults: {
        function: {
          timeout: 20,
          environment: {
            logging: process.env.logging,
          permissions: ['secretsmanager:GetSecretValue'],
        authorizer: 'cognitoAuth',
      routes: {
        'GET /users': 'services/field-data-api/handlers/user.get',
From what I read so far, it seems like the
sst start
command will always use my default credential in the aws config file. So no real way to test locally with different users, or there is something I didn't see yet.
sst start should always run as your AWS user
If you want to execute http requests as a cognito user in the console right now you'll have to set a header with the auth token
what issue are you having with the authorizer in the api?
Maybe it's me who does not understand how this should work. But every time I do a query in the console the
is always empty. And since I use
to check if who is authenticated to get the user, roles, etc. As of now I cannot do it this way. When I am using serverless, it just uses the
variable to do so. I am just trying to find a way to test locally my SST stack, while making sure the old way is also working fine.
when you say query in console what exactly are you doing?
if this is for a rest api you should use the api explorer to make a request to an endpoint, the event won't be empty then
For a reason that I cannot explain, the query in the API explorer does not work for me. When I try to query any API I get a 401 unauthorised. 🤷
It's like the URL is incomplete. It's missing the stage in it.
Well, I am assuming the stage should be part of it, but maybe I am wrong here
Hey @Robert, there seems to be a couple of things going on there. If you want to share ur screen, I can get it to work for u, and answer any questions you might have. Let me know 😄
Hey @Frank! Sure thing if you've got some time I can share my screen anytime. Just let me know, until then I'll keep searching 😄
I can do now.. DMing u a zoom link