Is there any funky cool way to setup and use secre...
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Is there any funky cool way to setup and use secrets in SST/CDK? Right now we are manually creating SSM params and then just manually passing the SSM paths as envs into functions and accessing the encrypted SSM at runtime (decrypted) from within the lambda. Thought I remember someone theorizing a sst helper to make this less work.
Hey @Dan Van Brunt, yeah we are working on it! Some pseudo code looks like this. • creating the secret
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const stripeKey = new sst.Parameter("/path/to/ssm");
• using the secret
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new sst.Function(..., {
  parameters: {
• the secrets will show in SST Console, where u can manually set the values • in ur lambda
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import { Config } from "@serverless-stack/node";

Config.stripeKey; // this has the decrypted value
Still very raw.. (cc @thdxr to correct me if I missed anything)
@Frank @thdxr how far out is the SST secrets functionality? We are running into this issue right now and working out what our approach should be and whether we need a short term solution until there is a native option in SST.
could make sense to copy this and it'll be an easy upgrade path when we merge it in natively
Awesome thanks @thdxr i will have a play